Best-Performing May 2021 PAMM Accounts


For those who prefer summertime investing, below is an overview of FXOpen’s top-performing PAMM accounts as of May 2021. We hope that this review will make it easier for you to choose which PAMM managers active on the FXOpen platform you should pay attention to and, possibly, add them to your investment portfolio.

At the same time, this article provides insight into traders’ performance in the Money Managers contest that was launched on March 1, 2021, and will end at the end of June. The objective of the competition is to show low-risk high trading activity while the drawdown does not exceed 20%.

Top 10 most promising FXOpen PAMM accounts


In May, this Manager demonstrated high-quality trading with high profitability. Last month, they were able to earn +27.29%. At the moment their trading statistics are not available for viewing, but it is still clear that the risks in the account are quite high, since a high level of drawdown was reached in May. The provider uses a stop loss in trading, so there is a chance that the drawdown will be closed quickly if the price moves in the other direction. The account on the FXOpen platform was opened in January 2016. The start of the year was not going too well for this Manager, but within five months of trading, the account was able to get back in the black.

PAMM: DevidGuetta


This PAMM account Manager has been trading profitably from the very beginning of the year, and even though May was unprofitable (a small drawdown of +3.69%), one can consider including them in one’s portfolio as a low-risk Manager. The maximum drawdown in May reached 14%, while the 17.4% max drawdown since the beginning of the year happened in March, but it was a floating one. Only one CFD instrument is traded, #NDXm. This Manager tends to work with medium-term positions. You can join them for $1.



This PAMM account Manager registered their account on the FXOpen platform in December 2019 but started actively trading in August 2020. Since then, they have demonstrated stable trading skills with low drawdowns.  The maximum drawdown for this PAMM account manager has not exceeded 17.5%, while this year, the max drawdown has not exceeded 10.14%. In May, this Manager earned almost 10% of the profit, and +34% since the beginning of the year. This PAMM account Manager prefers trading AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD cross-pairs, with 75% of his trades yielding profit. At the time of writing this review, all transactions have been recorded. The minimum deposit to join this provider is $200, the penalty for early withdrawal is set at 5%.

PAMM: FastWay


This Manager opened an account with FXOpen in August 2020. May was not entirely successful for them (-4.37%), however, we would still recommend following Sensei’s trading as the drawdown has already been closed in early June and the account has leveled off. We should expect the profitability to remain at the same fairly high level. Last month, the maximum drawdown of the deposit did not exceed 20%. The main trading pair of this Manager is EURUSD. At the time of writing this report, trades have been opened and a floating drawdown is observed. This provider’s standard minimum deposit is $500, with a 10% penalty for early withdrawal.

PAMM: Sensei


This Manager has been trading on the FXOpen platform since February 2020, so for over a year now. Their trademark trading style is cautious and conservative, with the all-time drawdown remaining at 9.02%. Since the beginning of the year, kwarst has spent just one month in the red zone.

This account is also notable for its low deposit load which did not exceed 1.69% in May, while the max drawdown for this month was 1.52%. This trader’s main currency pairs are GBPUSD and EURUSD. You can join the offer for a minimum deposit of $100.

PAMM: kwarst


A relatively new PAMM account Manager at FXOpen with promising statistics. The maximum drawdown on the account is 28.53%, with yield levels that can be described as conservatively moderate. In May, the profit was 9.31%, and recent drawdowns have yet to exceed 10%. Pandorum prefers trading NZDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD. You can join the manager with just $1, but keep in mind that, judging by the graph, this trader utilizes the averaging down strategy.

PAMM: Pandorum


Another newcomer at FXOpen, active since October 2020. They demonstrate high profitability coupled with a moderate level of drawdowns. In May, they were not too careful, which resulted in a small loss of 6.7%, but the account seems to be recovering fairly quickly. At the time of this writing, all trades have been closed, no floating drawdown is observed. Unfortunately, this trader’s stats are not publicly accessible, but it is a known fact that they have only opened six trades so far, which proves they are working with long-term positions. You can join this PAMM account Manager with just 1 USD.

PAMM: LuckyBlack


One of the most aggressive traders with FXOpen who has been trading on our platform since early 2021. Despite the 84% drawdown, this trader has been demonstrating decent trading results lately. In May, they yielded 66.08% in profits. Most likely, they prefer scalping or intraday trading, since trades are closed on the same day. The main trading pairs here are XAGUSD, AUDUSD, and EURUSD. You can join this Manager for $30. At the time of this writing, several trades have been opened coupled with a low deposit load.

PAMM: falcon


This Manager has been trading with FXOpen since October 2020. We cannot say this account is exceptionally profitable, however, from the long-term perspective, it is expected to enter the track to turn a profit. Judging by the intraday equity, the trading is long-term, since we are not observing the closing of positions. In May, this PAMM account Manager’s earnings amounted to +34.54%. The drawdowns are sometimes quite significant, reaching 40% this May, but have been on the decline since. The load of the deposit is around 34%. At the moment, we would advise you to keep an eye on this trader as it is gaining momentum in an attempt to leave the red zone.

PAMM: EGAuto01


A new FXOpen’s PAMM Manager who has been trading since March this year. The maximum drawdown is currently only 19%, while the yield has already exceeded 300%. In May, this Manager earned almost 50% of the profits. The maximum drawdown last month was 9.65% with a 13.58% deposit load. They prefer trading short positions and deal exclusively with XAUUSD.


These were the top 10 PAMM Managers with FXOpen who are likely to make a profit this summer. Good luck with your investing!

PAMM is not available for clients of FXOpen EU and FXOpen UK or residents of Australia.

This article represents the opinion of the Companies operating under the FXOpen brand only. It is not to be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation with respect to products and services provided by the Companies operating under the FXOpen brand, nor is it to be considered financial advice.

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