FXOpen PAMM June 2021 Review


It is completely understandable if this scorching summer you have exactly zero desire to think about your investment portfolio… But something surely needs to be done with your investments if your goal is a stable income. It is still necessary to monitor one’s investments and react in time to the changes in one’s accounts. That is why, to have a nice summer rest instead of worrying about possible drawdowns, so many people are looking for PAMM masters who manage their accounts with a steady hand and yield expected trading returns. For our monthly PAMM report, we review the most profitable accounts of the past month so that our clients can consider enlisting their services for the portfolio.

As of July 1, 2021, there are 159 active accounts on the FXOpen platform, and investors have injected a total of $2,884,426.00 into their e-wallets, according to Investflow monitoring statistics.

TOP-10 most promising PAMM accounts on FXOpen


This manager has been trading with FXOpen since December 2019 and has shown enviable, fairly low-risk trading stability. The maximum account drawdown for the entire time did not exceed 17.15%. FastWay worked rather conservatively in June, yielding +3.65%. The maximum deposit load for the month was just 6%, and the maximum drawdown was 1.63%. The main trading pairs remain AUDCAD, NZDCAD, AUDNZD. The trader favors long-term positions. You can join the account starting with $200, and there is a penalty of 5% for early withdrawal. The chart looks pretty interesting:

PAMM: FastWay


This manager has been trading with FXOpen since October 2019, preferring solely the #NDXm instrument in the long term. June turned out to be very productive for them: the master was able to earn +11.83%. Throughout 2021, we see a very stable return of 27%. Compared to last year’s performance, the trader remains at the same level, which indicates the stability of their system. You can join with just $1.



It is worth noting that this manager, who has been trading with FXOpen since December 2015, has changed their trading system as the schedule has changed significantly. Most likely, the EA’s algorithm was changed to become more aggressive. The drawdown in May was significant, but this trader was able to recover, earning 160% in June. But the trades are still open and a small drawdown can be observed, although the load on the deposit has decreased significantly. The minimum investment for joining this PAMM account provider is $20, while the investor receives 75% of the income on the account. But for now, we would recommend watching the bot figure its way out of a tricky situation.

PAMM: hyBrazil


This manager has been trading on the site since October 2018. Their trading is stable. While April and May weren’t very successful, the situation changed in June. The trader was able to earn 56% of the profit, almost recovering the deposit. The maximum drawdown at the time of writing this review is gradually decreasing, as is the deposit load. The manager mainly trades EURUSD, but more and more often, they are starting to use GBPUSD as well. You can join the provider with at least $50.

PAMM: g9000


This PAMM account master has been trading with FXOpen for almost 1.5 years. The dynamics of the account are stable, with the manager preferring to trade rather conservatively. The maximum drawdown in 1.5 years was 9%. The trader has earned the trust of investors by not taking too many risks. Lately, they have been trading rares. The June maximum drawdown did not exceed 0.08%, and the deposit load was 4%. Since the beginning of May, the trader has not had a single losing week. Earnings in June amounted to +1.08%. This provider’s main trading pairs are GBPUSD and EURUSD. You can join their offer starting from $100.

PAMM: kwarst


The account of this provider will be one year old later this summer. The maximum drawdown on the account is above average at 57.03%. But this level held only at the very beginning of 2021. The maximum drawdown in June was 12.55%. The profitability is moderate: in June, earnings amounted to +25.32%, and since the beginning of the year, the profit has exceeded 118%. The loading of the deposit is still strong. In June, the master traded only for the first two weeks. Their preferred trading pair is EURUSD. Their usual minimum offer is a deposit of $500 with a 10% penalty for early withdrawal.

PAMM: Sensei


This provider’s account is already more than a year old, as it was launched in June 2020. The maximum yearly drawdown did not exceed 28.53%. The yield is closer to conservative, but stability can already be observed. In June, the yield was not too high at just 0.18%, but the drawdown did not exceed 1.44%. Currency pairs for trading: NZDCAD, AUDNZD, AUDCAD. You can join this manager for just $1.

PAMM: Pandorum


Even though the provider is still considered a beginner on the FXOpen platform (the account dates back to October 2020), they have already proven they can trade consistently and yield profit for investors. In June, this provider earned 23.76% with a maximum drawdown of up to 14%, which had come to naught by July. This manager prefers long-term positions: only 2 transactions have been opened since April. Most likely, the trades are still open. The deposit load is zero, which could mean that the deals are in the black. You can join the manager for just $1.

PAMM: LuckyBlack


Their account was registered on the FXOpen platform in January 2016. At the moment, the manager is still trying to make their trading work after a successful May. In June, there was a slight minus on the account -2.82%, but there is hope that July will prove to be a profitable month. At the time of writing this review, the account is showing a floating drawdown. We would advise you to add this provider to your watchlist: there is hope that they will be able to get out of the problematic situation.

PAMM: DevidGuetta


A novice PAMM account provider on our site, with their account being set up in March 2021. The maximum drawdown since the opening of the account is -19.78%. But its profitability is also quite good at +51.60%. For the entire period of activity, the profit amounted to more than 200%. In June, the maximum drawdown did not exceed 11.85%, and the deposit load was 23.37%. The manager trades short positions and only XAUUSD metal. You can join with a minimum amount of $50, and there is no penalty for early withdrawal.


These were the ten most promising FXOpen’s PAMM accounts in terms of profitability as the summer is nearing its midpoint.

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