One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in (OCTL2) Review by Usman


FXOpen, one of the foremost brokers in the Forex market early this year, announced an important update regarding the achievement of their brokerage-The launch of an application referred to as the One Click Trading Level2 plug-in (OCTL2). This plug-in was developed with the aim of making easy the process of forex trading and order placement management when trading with the MT4 forex trading platform.

One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in is a unique tool made up of two mechanisms: (a) an illustration element for an in-depth market analysis in addition to swift/precise order placement. (b) A specialist consultant to initiate the Plug-in.

One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in (OCTL2) Review by Usman

One Click Trading Level2 Plugin is a handy exceptional and priceless tool every forex trader must have. In my opinion, the tool is an actual burst through and advancement in forex trading and forex market.  Knowledgeable forex traders will be pleased about its merits. Even novice traders stand to gain a lot from its numerous benefits. I was highly impressed to experience the effectiveness of the plug-in.

The download process and installation is very simple and easy. Though, I initially felt that the download process was slow; I eventually observed that the problem was not from the program but rather from my network connection. The program guided me through the installation process after I had downloaded it from one step to the other. You would need to save the file in the same folder with your MT4 platform and have to close all running programme in order to do the installation.

One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in (OCTL2) Review by Usman

Though it wasn’t difficult and installed in a short while, what I didn’t particularly like is the fact that I had to turn off every running program in my computer in order to get the program installed. It will be great if the program can be made to install without having to claim the whole computer during the installation process.

This might not be an issue for some people but just my personal problem and opinion as I wanted to be doing other things with the computer during the installation process.

On a positive note, the plug-in enabled me to execute trade with much more greater swiftness than I would have done on MT4 platform without the plug-in. I was able to open, close trade; set stop losses do hedging etc with just one click instead of the usual 5 or more clicks which can be quite disgusting and frustrating especially when trading in volatile markets which are associated with high risk-taking and quick price actions. The One Click Trading Level2 plugin did not only save me time but also valuable money that I would have lost through slippage.

My experience

MT4 is an excellent trading platform. With the plug-in incorporated into it , every experienced forex trader could do nothing but move to the highest level of  his trading and profit-making experience. One Click Trading Level2 plugin is an added boost to the Meta trading platform 4. The risk involved in forex trading is highly minimized with the plugin as a forex trading tool.

One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in (OCTL2) Review by Usman

I must admit that a plug-in is an excellent tool and “a very good trading companion”. I like and enjoy it so much as it makes my work easier, saves me time as well as money and ensures that I smile constantly to the bank.

I learned two crucial things from the use of One Click Trading Level2 plugin.

  • The plug-in made me realize the possible liquidity a trader could face every given second.
  • It also taught me the usefulness of hedging in the forex market. Previously, I was reluctant to try forex hedging but with this unique tool -the One Click Trading Level2 plugin, I am now enjoying it. I am recommending this plug-in for every forex trader whose aim is to be successful.


I have a few recommendations which I wish will be incorporated into this plug-in in the near future. It is just my humble and candid opinion; although I am unaware of what I am asking for is programmable.

If the One Click Trading Level2 plug-in can be programmed in such a way that it could be customizable to suit the need of each individual trader, it would be great and wonderful! This is essential since every trader has a unique method of trading as well as a preferred trading strategy.

I will appreciate it if the plug-in (OCTL2) would be configured to have a kind of pointer that will indicate to me and other traders trading the MI the right time to close the trade. I often struggle to know the actual time to go in and out of a trade.

One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in (OCTL2) Review by Usman

One Click Trading Level2 Plug-in (OCTL2) Review by Usman

Lastly, it will also be nice if the plug-in has a feature that will enable forex traders who practice hedging to close one side of the hedge with just a single click.

I desire as well that the plug-in allows me to close my latest trade position with just one click. Currently, I do that by going into my forex account and closing on my trade ledger.


This content provided by Usman participates in the FXOpen OCTL2 User Reports Contest. Good luck to Usman!

This article represents the opinion of the Companies operating under the FXOpen brand only. It is not to be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation with respect to products and services provided by the Companies operating under the FXOpen brand, nor is it to be considered financial advice.

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