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Fed Signals Tapering Is Just Around the Corner

The Jackson Hole Symposium ended, and the Federal Reserve’s message is that the tapering of the asset purchases comes sooner rather than later. It was the Fed’s intention to communicate to markets consistently and clearly how and when it will remove the monetary accommodation, and it succeeded, at

FX Markets Prepare for the Jackson Hole Symposium

An important week for financial markets has just started. On Thursday, the Jackson Hole Symposium starts, and on Friday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell is scheduled to hold a speech on the U.S. economic outlook. The Jackson Hole Symposium is an annual event held by the Federal Reserve of the

Jobs Data in the United States - Why It Matters for the Retail Trader

The currency market or foreign exchange appeared with the United States decision to drop the gold standard. At the start of the 1970s, the Nixon Administration’s decision set the stage for what will become the most significant financial market in the world. Also known as the interbank market it

Financial Wars in 21st Century

In an interconnected world like the one we live in, countries try to get a competitive edge against each other by all means possible. Currencies do not fulfill solely a local role but have a significant influence on international trade. Its interest rate level gives the value of a currency.

Oil and CAD Correlation Explained

If there’s a commodity that changed the world we live in, that’s oil. Since its discovery, oil shaped up industries disrupted businesses and was the source of the progress we now take for granted. Many associate oil with the driving industry only. In a way, it is normal.

Trading Strategies: COT Report Analysis

It’s been a while since I shared my ideas on market analysis with you. I see that reader interest in the topic increases. Especially for those who are trying to understand the true causes behind the price movements in a particular market. So today, I want to move from

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