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15th October FXOpen collated the results of the Forex Article Contest launched in early autumn. The authors of the best works were announced. They were awarded with good financial prizes. The contest organizers admit that the event drew a response among the Forex community. Some traders took an active part in it; others watched the competition closely from aside and supported the participants by voting for their articles.  

The main goals were achieved i.e., Forex traders willingly shared the accumulated knowledge and experience. Their submissions were undoubtedly useful both for Forex beginners and more professional traders.   

According to the results of the voting, held in the social networks, “Little Ins and Outs of Big Terminal” («Маленькие хитрости большого терминала») turned out to be the most popular among the network users. It was written by Rinat Zaynutdinov (Ринат Зайнутдинов), who became the winner in the category “Forex Theory.” He got US$500 as the prize for the 1st place. He also answered the questions of the contest organizers and shared his impressions of the recent event.

FXOpen: “Could you tell us a few words about yourself?”

Winner: “My name is Rinat. I am 42. I was born in a beautiful Siberian city called Novokuznetsk where I live now. I am married and I have a 13-year old daughter.”

FXOpen: “Participation in the Forex Article Contest does not require active trading in the FX market. You just have to be well-informed of its mechanisms and be skilled enough to tell about them correctly. We are wondering whether you are an active trader or just a casual observer.”

Winner: “I am really interested in all the processes taking place in the Forex market. I trade in two accounts and try to top them up with the money earned in the contests and various promotional campaigns. As for the Forex Article Contest, right, it required little or no activity in Forex at all. That is a plus. But anyway I am always ready to tell my vision of the market situation. And I will be really happy if I get a prize for that.”

FXOpen: “You submitted your entry in the “Forex Theory” category. Can you explain why you made such a choice?”

Winner: “Well, I decided to share my knowledge of the MT4 terminal. Generally, I enjoy such sort of competitions. I even joke saying that theory is more stable than practice.”

FXOpen: “Could you please describe your “way in Forex” i.e., how you began, developed, made your first profitable trade, etc.?”

Winner: “I learnt about Forex from my wife’s sister. And I got hooked on it at once. I started to search for any useful information in the Internet, registered in Forex-related forums, took part in various competitions. I began my trading activity in 2011. I opened a real account for participation in Forex contests – it proves again that I am really keen on such competitions. My first experience was a failure, but the next one turned out to be a success and I earned my first money. Since then I’ve been watching the market behavior, learning its laws and regularities. I have come to the conclusion that the FX market tends to follow the same patterns repeating the moves within different time intervals. But it’s hard to make any predictions so, one has to be sensitive and feel the market.”

FXOpen: “Do you trade in a real account? Are you successful in it?”

Winner: “I do, but very conservatively. I try to comply with money and risk management principles. Currently I can’t boast of any outstanding results, but I believe in myself and do my best.”

FXOpen: “What is Forex trading for you: your main source of income or a sort of hobby, providing you with extra money?

Winner: “To be honest, Forex is more a hobby for me. It’s an interesting occupation that helps to get some earnings. I learnt a lot of useful things and met some very nice and talented people while trading Forex. I regularly discuss some new ideas and share personal experience with my Forex coworkers. It’s always very exciting!”

FXOpen: “How did you learn about the Forex Article Contest? What made you take part in it?”

Winner: “I came across this competition in forum announcements, as well as in Facebook. I thought it would be interesting and useful for others to learn what I know about the trading terminal. I was also thinking to write about my thorny way to Forex, but I decided that two prizes for one participant would be too much. ”

FXOpen: “Do you take part in other Forex contests? If so, please, tell a few words about them.”

Winner: “Well, I usually follow the latest news about Forex competitions and try to participate in them. But I lack time and simply can’t go on with all of them. You won’t believe me – I tried to hold my own competition but got little support.”

FXOpen: “What in your opinion, are the pros and cons of Forex Article Contest? What would you change or recommend?”

Winner: “To my mind, the advantages of this competition are evident. Anyone is encouraged to share their knowledge. There are no fears or discomfort. It’s up to participants to choose a category or a subject of their articles. Personally, I see no disadvantages. As for recommendations, I think the introduction of new nominations would add some spice to the contest flavor. What is the more, each participant will have a chance to win in the category he or she feels confident and knowledgeable enough.”

FXOpen: “According to the contest rules, the winner is determined by the voting held in the social networks and by the objective assessment of the submissions by the company’s representatives. We are wondering whether you watched your competitors’ results and the whole process of voting in the networks.”

Winner: “Sure I did. I even tried to promote this contest among my friends. Many of them learnt about Forex and its opportunities for the first time in their lives. I hope it will help to enlarge our Forex community.”

FXOpen: “Did you dream about the victory? Or you were probably sure of your success.”

Winner: “Well, I can’t say that I was dreaming about the win, but definitely I expected to get a prize. There were some really good articles that I regarded as my competitors however, judging by the number of “likes” in Facebook I knew I would get a reward. But I wished everybody luck – that’s true.”

FXOpen: “What did you feel when the contest was over and you became the winner in the “Forex Theory” category? What became the biggest reward for you: the prestigious title of the winner or a US$500 prize?”

Winner: “It’s hard to say. Actually, I was happy to get both the title and the prize money – that’s for sure! I felt proud of myself for sharing valuable material. And there was an incredible feeling when I was announced the winner. Thank you the contest organizers and all those who voted for my article.”   

FXOpen: “There will be another round of the Forex Article Contest in the near future. Are you going to participate again?”

Winner: “I will definitely take part in it again! All the more, I have already gained valuable experience.”

FXOpen: “Not everyone feels enthusiastic about such Forex competitions. There are different reasons for that. You was not discouraged and decided to try. And as we see, your efforts and optimism were rewarding. What could you advise all those who did not believe in their success and stayed aside? Will you share some secrets of preparing the contest materials? What was the most important thing during the preparation?”     

Winner: “The most important thing is to have your own attitude towards the trading process. My advice is to openly share your thoughts, views and ideas without being shy or uncertain of the result. Believe in yourself and you will achieve everything!”

FXOpen congratulates the winner again and welcomes everyone to the nest round of the Forex Article Contest! Good luck!

This article represents the opinion of the Companies operating under the FXOpen brand only. It is not to be construed as an offer, solicitation, or recommendation with respect to products and services provided by the Companies operating under the FXOpen brand, nor is it to be considered financial advice.

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