FTSE 100 Analysis: London Out of the Doldrums! FTSE 100 Has a Day of Volatility


The FTSE 100 index, comprising the crème de la crème of blue-chip stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange, has had an eventful start to the week, showcasing moments of both uncertainty and resilience.

After a lofty finish the previous week, the index witnessed a slight dip, followed by an unexpected upward surge during the final hours of the London trading session. This recent bout of volatility has captured the attention of investors and market enthusiasts alike.

A Steady Climb in September

The early days of September were marked by a steady and robust ascent for the FTSE 100 index. It made a remarkable climb from 7,527 on September 13 to a peak of 7,739 just two days later on September 15.

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Following this peak, the index displayed what can best be described as a gradual tapering-off rather than a significant decline. This consolidation phase was interrupted by sudden bouts of volatility during yesterday's trading session.

Yesterday's Volatility

The unexpected volatility that characterised yesterday's trading session is worth examining closely. The FTSE 100 index started the day with a sudden rally, surging to 7,680 within the first hour of the London session. However, it experienced a subsequent drop, settling at 7,643 by 16:00.

Just when it seemed the day was winding down, another burst of activity occurred, propelling the index to 7,660 by the close of business. This rapid oscillation in value is intriguing, particularly in the context of the FTSE 100's relatively steady performance since the turbulent periods of 2021 when it soared past the 7,000 mark, and earlier this year when it briefly touched the historic 8,000 milestone.

Unpacking the Causes

The question that begs to be answered is: What is causing this sudden volatility, and what might come next? Some experts suggest that the FTSE 100 started the week on a cautious note, facing its worst day in over a month on Monday.

This dip was attributed to a decline in shares of automotive and parts companies. In contrast, Tuesday saw a resurgence in the FTSE 100 index, driven by positive sentiment following Hargreaves Lansdown's bullish 2023 earnings estimates, which bolstered shares in the investment banking and brokerage services sector. Additionally, investors were keenly awaiting domestic inflation data and key central bank policy meetings, which can significantly influence market sentiment.

The Road Ahead

As we navigate the unpredictable waters of financial markets, it remains to be seen whether this recent volatility in the FTSE 100 is a fleeting anomaly or a precursor to further market fluctuations.

Analysts continue to discuss the Bank of England's rate increase policies, which is something that is no longer new, and large listed companies have long since factored into their corporate policy. In short, rate rises in the UK are not a surprise to anyone, and large corporations are equipped to deal with them.

Daily factors, such as the automotive industry's reports, which created a wave at the beginning of this week, or increased energy prices and volatility in the oil market causing higher costs for big corporations, are also relatively common. Keeping a keen eye on, therefore, prudent practice.

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