New opportunities for Forex Investors who use copy trading via PAMM Service

Investors (referred to as “Followers” in PAMM terminology) can join multiple offers from different Masters. FXOpen provides PAMM account rating to help you make the investment decision. There you will see a list of all PAMM Master accounts with their key financial parameters, including total gain and maximum drawdown. To be even more meticulous, just click on the name of any PAMM account and view charts detailing every trade made in that account.

Followers can switch from one Offer to another within the same PAMM account using the Offer Migration procedure. Our system of extended analytics also includes advanced options such as intraday equity reports with real-time updates.

A new shorter trading interval of seven days allows Followers to withdraw their deposit and profits in just a week. After seven days the Master Fee is calculated and all profits are automatically allocated to the Master and the Followers in proportion to their shares in the PAMM account.

PAMM Investors have full control over funding and withdrawing.

To join a PAMM as a Follower you need to:

If you are not an FXOpen client yet, register with FXOpen before opening an Investment account. Learn more about PAMM service in the How It Works section.

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