One Click Trading and Plugin Level 2 Version 1.22
  • Updated L2 histograms launching/drawing (correct showing of histogram script input parameters during script launch; real and cumulative volume bars are now aligned without shift; maximum depth of market of histograms can be changed in runtime and has been increased to 1000 levels)
  • Implemented full-fledged support of crypto accounts
  • Added diagnostic logging
  • Updated OCTL2 installation process to register comprehensive “Programs and Features” info per each OCTL2 being installed
  • Updated margin calculation algorithm for FX minors/exotics
  • Updated support of L2 for ECN/STP accounts and account type recognition for MM/ECN/STP accounts
  • Added minor GUI changes related to Plugin visualization and Startup Settings screen

FXOpen team seeks to improve the application so that your trading process could be even smoother and more convenient. Please, leave your feedback on the tool efficiency on the FXOpen Forum. We appreciate your help.

Download the latest version of One Click Trading and Level 2 Plugin.

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