Participate in the “Money Managers” contest and win up to $5000

Contest conditions

  • Contest dates: October 5 — 31 December 2020;
  • Registration period: from now till October 31, 2020;
  • Prize fund: USD 10,000;
  • Rewards:
  • 1st place - USD 5,000;
  • 2nd place - USD 3,000;
  • 3rd place - USD 2,000.    The prize will be added to an investment account according to 50/50 offer (50% of the profit goes to the Manager, 50% - to the investor (the Company)).
  • Initial deposit: the minimum amount required to open a PAMM account (from 1,000 USD for PAMM ECN, from 200 USD for PAMM STP, 1,000 USD for PAMM Crypto);
  • Minimum trading period: two months;
  • Minimum number of trades per month: 10;
  • Trading volume: not less than 0.5 lot per stage;
  • Contest profit: minimum 20% of the deposit
  • The drawdown should not exceed 20% in the period from the moment the contest starts until the prize money is credited (the prize money is credited within 5 working days from the moment the contest ends in case of an open offer);
  • Short-term drawdown shown in rollover should not exceed 20% after the prize money is credited, and the drawdown not shown in rollover should not exceed 25%.


Contest rules and restrictions:

Only one PAMM-account may be used by a single participant during the contest. The same rule also applies to depositing and withdrawal of funds from an account, accepting investments into a PAMM account, opening new offers, using all instruments of the PAMM system without restrictions, using any strategies and advisors (PBX, MTS, etc.), as well as other standard software applications for the MT4 terminal.

It is forbidden to conceal in PAMM-system such account statistics for investors as equity, drawdown, exposure level, completed trades. This data should always be accessible to view.

Failure to comply with the above conditions will result in the prize money chargeback.

The participants' rating will be published every week in the contest thread on our forum. You can track the activity of each account in real time by clicking the links. All statistics will be based on FXOpen PAMM-rating.

How to take part in the contest?

  • Open a PAMM account if you do not already have one. You need to do the following:
  • Register with FXOpen (if you are already a registered user and have a PAMM-account with the drawdown not exceeding 20%, you can go straight to the second paragraph);
  • Follow the main account verification procedure;
  • Open an investment account and deposit it using any available payment system in your FXOpen account;
  • Open a PAMM ECN or PAMM STP account.
  • Post a link to your PAMM account in this thread on the forum (you can link an already opened PAMM-accounts with history, but the maximum drawdown on it should not exceed 20%).

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