Reduced Minimum Capital for PAMM Accounts All Summer

Recently, FXOpen introduced new minimum transaction size in ECN and a shorter trading interval in PAMM. The reduced minimum lot of 0.01 means less financial risks for both PAMM Masters and Followers. New shorter trading interval of seven days allows Followers to withdraw their deposit and profits in just a week. After seven days, Master Fee is calculated and all profits are automatically allocated.

As part of ongoing efforts to create and maintain the most stable and profitable PAMM service, FXOpen extends the offer for PAMM Providers. Prior to this incentive, the minimum capital required to open an account was US$1,000 in PAMM STP and US$5,000 in PAMM ECN.

Now you need to make a deposit of just US$200 to open PAMM STP and US$1,000 to set up PAMM ECN. After adding the required funds, you can create Offers, generate profits and receive the Fee and Commission for providing other traders with your strategy.

Please note that this offer is available over the summer of 2015 only. Open a PAMM as a Provider or join a PAMM as a Follower before September 1 to take advantage of the incentive.

In order to open a PAMM Account you need to register with FXOpen. Learn more about PAMM service in How It Works section.

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FXOpen Customer Service

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