Brexit Warning - High Volatility and Increased Margin

Dear Trader,  High volatility affecting GBP and EUR pairs is expected on 20-27 June due to the Brexit vote held in the United Kingdom on June 23 2016 to decide whether the country should remain in or leave the European Union.  Starting from June 20th FXOpen customers may experience changes in trading conditions such as high volatility, increased margin, low liquidity and wider spreads. The changes will affect all financial instruments involving GBP and EUR, including indices.  Starting from the market opening on June 20th and throughout the whole week margin requirements for all GBP and EUR based instruments may be increased up to 5 times their normal level without further notice.  Traders should also expect abnormally low liquidity and wide spreads on all financial instruments, as well as increased chances of slippage.  Possible increased margin requirements are a temporary measure caused by the EU referendum and its influence on the financial markets. Starting with the market opening on June 27th margin requirements will return to their normal values.  We urge traders to consider these circumstances when planning their trading activities for the following weeks.  If you want us to decrease leverage on your account before June 20th, please email [email protected].   Kind Regards,

The FXOpen UK Team

The FXOpen AU Team

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