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FXOpen UK is delighted to offer you Commission Free Trading* in all crypto markets during October 2019. This offer is exclusively available to our retail clients to celebrate the fantastic year the Cryptocurrency market is having, with Bitcoin up over 100%. To take advantage of this great offer: 1. Login to your crypto account or open a new one here 2. Transfer Funds into your crypto account 3. Start trading any of the 15 Cryptocurrencies for free If you are a long term investor looking to buy into the crypto revolution, a short term trader scalping the volatility, a crypto sceptic who thinks its all going to zero or simply interested to know more about how the crypto markets operate, you can now trade them commission free. Crypto markets operate 24/7 365 days a year, so you can even trade either long or short even at the weekend. To start trading for free click here to open a Crypto account or for more information on this exciting sector in finance click here. Best of luck with your trading,The FXOpen UK Team * Terms and Conditions of the Promotion 1 Commission will be paid initially and refunded after 31st October 2019 2 Maximum refund of $200 per ewallet 3 Offer open to retail clients only 4 Only applies to Crypto Currency markets 5 Promotion period 1st October to 31st October 2019 inclusive

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