Easter 2019: Changes to Trading Hours

Dear Traders,  Please note the following changes to trading hours due to the Easter holidays.

Thursday, April 18th

  • Australia 200 (#AUS200) - trading ends at 17:00 GMT+3
  • All other financial instruments will be traded without changes.

Friday, April 19th

  • Forex and Crypto pairs will be traded without changes.
  • CFDs (metals, indices, energies) will not be traded. Trading will be closed all day.

Monday, April 22nd

  • Forex pairs will be traded without changes.
  • Commodities (metals, oil, gas) will be traded without changes.
  • Indices:
  • Australia 200 (#AUS200) - trading closed
  • Europe 50 (#ESX50) - trading closed
  • France 40 (#FCHI) - trading closed
  • Germany 30 (#GDAXI) - trading closed
  • Germany 30 Mini (#GDAXIm) - trading closed
  • UK 100 (#UK100) - trading closed
  • All other indices will be traded as usual,without changes.

Crypto currencies will be traded as usual without changes.

Please take these changes into consideration when planning your trading activities during the upcoming week.

FXOpen UK Wishes you a Very Happy Easter!

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The FXOpen AU Team

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