Expand your trading horizons with a new state-of-the-art platform — TickTrader!

What TickTrader has to offer?

Now you can manage both margin and deliverable trading directly through the platform or via a FIX, REST, or WebSocket API. You can also fully adjust your workspace to suit your needs — a new intuitive user interface and more than 1200 advanced trading tools deliver a fully customizable trading experience. Level 2 data, heat maps, and backtesting are just some of the extensive trading tools offering sophisticated data analysis on the TickTrader platform, designed to help FXOpen clients create successful trading strategies.

You can also make use of all the opportunities offered by advanced order types — Market orders, Limit Orders, and Stop Orders. There are also several advanced settings for these order types the platform has to offer: volume units (lot or quantity), stop levels, and slippage settings.

Other features to explore

Advanced technical analysis tools

Take full advantage of ready-made various traditional indicators or make your own and add them to your account.

Trading alert system

Matching market conditions has never been so easy — customize your alerts and then choose how you receive the notifications.

One/double click trading mode

If you are looking to make profits of rapidly moving markets, or want to try high-frequency trading or scalping do not intend to lose a second on waiting, then this tool is designed especially for you. You won't be asked twice to confirm your orders, they will be placed immediately.

Level 2 pricing

Venture the market depth with up to 200 levels and the ability to see your limit orders inside the order book.

Detailed charting system

It allows you not only to study user-friendly descriptive charts, but also to draw and see volumes, trades, and set up alerts.

Strategy back tester

Test and evaluate your trading strategies using past pricing and liquidity. You can then use the analytics to run your algo-trading strategies and EA’S.

Why choose TickTrader?

As a trading platform, TickTrader pursues one goal: helping users to become profitable. It is created to become an integral part of successful and safe trading. It is easy to adopt and use, but besides being user-friendly, TickTrader boasts comprehensive functionality that ensures it meets the multitude of requirements from every type of trader, from beginner to institutional.

TickTrader Win Terminal                                                             TickTrader Web Terminal

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FXOpen Customer Service

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