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FXOpen объявляет о проведении Чемпионата Азии по Форекс 2014

If you are interested in trading virtual currencies, this competition is for you! Here’s why:

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  • - The Forex Article Contest is a special environment for exchanging valuable personal knowledge and first-hand experience in transacting using digital money, e.g. Bitcoins, Litecoins, Peercoins, etc. By sharing your insights on cryptocurrency trading, you help other people expand their understanding of, and become more intelligent and competent in, this trading space. You also benefit by learning something new about e-money and its specifics from other traders’ experiences.          
  • - The Forex Article Contest is a chance to get free Bitcoins in exchange for your knowledge and experience. By writing an article on “Cryptocurrency Trading” and submitting it by June 8th, you could win one of the top 7 articles chosen by the expert judges. The prize money totaling US$1,300 will be shared among the 7 winners. It will be credited to an account of your choice:  ECN, or STP, or Crypto. If you pick a Crypto account, your money will be converted into Bitcoins without additional commission. We think that chance alone is worth joining the contest, but there’s more!  
  • - The Forex Article Contest is a venue for making valuable contacts and establishing a long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation with FXOpen and co-traders alike. If you are new to the FXOpen services or Forex as a whole, the contest will smoothly introduce you to the FX world and will open the door to numerous business opportunities in the foreign exchange markets.  
  • - Not to forget, there is also the People's Choice Award of US$100 that will be given to the author of the most popular article in the social networks. Who knows? You may win this category! All you need is to write useful material and send it to [email protected] by June 8th.

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