FXOpen Holds Free Forex Training Course in Cairo

Level I (or Primary) is designed specifically to introduce you to Forex, learn about its basics, and attempt to make the first trade. This free course covers the following topics:

  • - What is Forex?
  • - FX market activity hours
  • - Why do we prefer trading in the Forex market?
  • - The difference between the stock market and the Forex
  • - How does the Forex market work?
  • - Learn how to read the FX rates for currencies
  • - The concept of Margin
  • - How to calculate profits and losses in Forex
  • - MetaTrader basics

Level II (or Medium) provides a more detailed explanation of the FX market specifics. The cost of this second-level course is 600 EGP and it covers the following topics:

  • - Detailed instruction of the MetaTrader application
  • - When to trade Forex
  • - How to choose the best broker
  • - How to open a real trading account
  • - Types of FX market analysis
  • - Fundamental analysis
  • - Movements in the economy
  • - Economic Indicators

Level III (or Advanced) is designed for those serious about gaining advanced Forex knowledge to become professional traders. The cost of this third-level course is 1,400 EGP and it covers the following topics:

  • - The news calendar
  • - Forex and the global markets
  • - Forex news schedule time
  • - Methods of news trading
  • - Japanese candles scheme
  • - How to use basic candle patterns
  • - Candles patterns
  • - How to draw trend lines
  • - How to draw channels
  • - Levels of support and resistance
  • - How to determine the direction of the Elliott waves
  • - Fibonacci trading index
  • - Moving average indicator
  • - Bollinger Bands  indicator
  • - Convergence and divergence indicators
  • - Stochastic indicator
  • - RSI indicator
  • - Parabolic SAR indicator
  • - Time frame
  • - Trading strategies
  • - Why traders lose
  • - Psychoanalysis and market study

If you are interested in attending any of the above courses, register by calling +201113338188, +201110508899 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

The training will be held in FXOpen’s Cairo office located on the 19th floor of the World Trade Center Cornish El-Nile next to the Conrad Hotel.

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