EUR/JPY Forex Trading

The Euro and Japanese Yen are the second and third most-traded currencies in the world. And now you can trade EUR/JPY too with FXOpen.

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EUR/JPY live charts

Our EUR/JPY live charts are an essential source of insight and information for traders who want to be in the know. FXOpen clients can examine the latest EUR/JPY forex rates, as well as the historic trends that put you firmly in the know. If you decide to trade EUR/JPY, you can access our live charts via our desktop client or smartphone app – so you can buy or sell on the move.

What is EUR/JPY trading?

The Euro/Japanese Yen pair combines two of the world's most-traded currencies. Based on daily averages in 2019, the Bank for International Settlements found that only the US Dollar is more popular with forex investors. With such high levels of activity, EUR/JPY trading can promise the liquidity that creates real opportunities for new and experienced traders.

EUR/JPY can also be relatively volatile when exposed to instability in the Japanese or Eurozone economies. Is it the trading option for you?

Key drivers of EUR/JPY prices

As a cross pair, you should check on the movement of the EUR/USD and USD/JPY prices before you trade EUR/JPY with FXOpen. It's also a useful idea for traders to track energy commodities when taking up positions on this pair. Japan imports much of its energy from overseas, and JPY can show tangible correlation with markets such as crude oil.

EUR/JPY live forex rates are especially sensitive to Japanese inflation figures. As such, Bank of Japan announcements can be a vital factor. The same is true for the European Central Bank too. Two further indicators that are useful if you trade EUR/JPY are global stock market performance and the publication of the Tankan Report – an important barometer of business confidence.

The best times to trade EUR/JPY

FXOpen lets you trade EUR/JPY at a time that's right for you using the customisable MT4, MT5 and TickTrader platforms. At FXOpen, the important thing to remember is that it's always your decision. To begin EUR/JPY currency trading, join us today – open your free account and make your money go further.

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