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Discover the rich history of trading excellence with FXOpen's forex trading competitions. Our platform has been the epicentre of forex trading competitions, starting from the inception of thrilling contests like CryptoMania to the global phenomenon that is the ForexCup Trading Championship. Throughout the years, traders have flocked to our platform to showcase their skills and vie for the top honours. Join the distinguished league of over 1500 winners who, since 2015, have collectively claimed over $200,000 in prize money and bonuses.

ForexCup Trading Championship 2024

Get ready for the ultimate challenge in forex trading competitions in 2024 with the ForexCup Trading Championship. From January 1st to December 31st, 2024, traders from around the globe will engage in fair and reliable competition for the prestigious title. Open to participants with an FXOpen ECN or PAMM ECN (Master) Account, entry requires just a minimum deposit of $5,000 and adherence to the contest rules.

Compete on the World Stage: Forex World Championship

Don't miss your chance to compete in the world cup championship of forex trading! The ForexCup Trading Championship offers traders the opportunity to trade various markets such as spot FX, Index, Commodity, Share and ETF CFDs. Winners not only claim crystal trophies but also receive personal brand promotion of their trading acumen.

Anyone interested can sign up or read more about the ForexCup Trading Championship rules and philosophy here.