Company news / FXOpen announce the release of TickTrader 2.15

FXOpen announce the release of TickTrader 2.15

The FXOpen Team

FXOpen is delighted to announce the release of TickTrader 2.15, the latest version of the TickTrader trading platform. Read more below about the exciting new features developed to enhance your trading experience with us.

1. Discover unparalleled organisation with our Implemented Order by Date (OBD) strategy for all account types

Navigate effortlessly through the New Order Dialog > Strategy > Order by Date (OBD) to streamline your order processes.  

2. Implemented a Backtester which makes it possible to test Algo bots and indicators on historical data

You may set up indicator/bot parameters, account settings, trade emulation settings and specify data feed settings. Analyse results in detail through Journal, Trade History, Chart, and Report tabs. Explore this powerful tool under Tools > Backtester.

3.Efficient Symbols Feed Cache Management

Take control of your history feed cache with the Symbols Feed Cache Manager. Easily view, delete, export, and download your cache under Tools > Symbols Feed Cache Manager.

4. Implemented support for new trading modes for Symbols:

added symbols properties, icons and reject reasons popups.

Buy Only (only Buy orders are allowed):

Sell Only (only Sell orders are allowed):

Short Only (only Sell orders and closing Short positions are allowed):

Updated icon for Long Only trading mode:

5. Clear Visibility of Trading Volume

Enjoy a clear display of Traded Volume in the trading history. Explore this feature within the Trading window under History.

6. Updated the Exposure calculation.

Trading window > Exposure

Amount is calculated according the following formulas:

if CUR == ZZZ


if CUR != ZZZ



• XXX - margin (base) currency

• YYY - profit (quote) currency

• XXX/YYY - trade symbol

• ZZZ - account currency

• CUR - any currency (base or quote currency of opened position)

• V(XXX/YYY) - volume of opened position

• P(XXX/YYY) - current price of opened position

7. Seamless Chart Management

Never lose a chart again with the ability to reopen deleted charts. Locate this feature conveniently under File > Open Deleted.

8. Undo Deletions Effortlessly

Rectify errors in chart objects effortlessly with the Undo Delete option in the Chart context menu or via the CTRL+Z hotkey.

9. Intuitive Drag-and-Drop for Orders on Charts

Implemented intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for Stop Loss and Take Profit when dragging the order line on a chart.

10. Simplified Chart Object Addition

Adding chart objects is now more straightforward than ever. Access your favourite objects listed in the Chart context menu, now conveniently available in the toolbar.

11. Effortless Order Modification

Open the Modify Order Dialog instantly by double-clicking on an order line in the chart.

12. Modern Icons for a Sleek Interface

Enjoy updated icons in Orders and History grids for a sophisticated and modern interface.

13. Optimised Symbol List in New Order Dialog

Enjoy a curated symbol list in the New Order Dialog, displaying only favourites from Market Watch and symbols from your portfolio.

14. Quick Access with Indicator Context Menu

Access indicators swiftly with the new context menu in the Chart window.

15. Customization with No Colour Mode

Personalise your charts further with the ability to use no colour mode in chart objects. Access this feature in Object properties > Common > Style.

16. Efficient Object Selection

Added the ability to select objects by a single mouse click. Adjust this setting under Settings > Chart.

17. Test Account Connection Button

Ensure a smooth trading experience by testing your account connection with the new Test Account Connection button in the Algo server explorer window.

18. Upgraded Algo-Module to the Latest Version

Stay ahead with our upgraded Algo-module to version #1.23.3772.0, reinforcing our commitment to cutting-edge trading technology.

19. Continuous Refinement for a Seamless Experience

Our dedication to providing you with an unparalleled trading experience is reflected in various improvements and bug fixes.

You will be prompted to update your terminal to the latest version when you next login, but if you have any questions, please contact our helpful Support team.

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