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Trading Hours Schedule for Memorial Day 2022

Dear Traders,

Due to the Memorial Day celebrations on Monday, May 30th, you will experience the following changes in the trading hours schedule (all times are GMT+3):

Monday, May 30

Metals and Commodities CFD:

  • Gold (XAUUSD): 01:00 - 21:30;
  • Silver (XAGUSD): 01:00 – 21:30;
  • Oil UK
Trading hours schedule for ANZAC Day

Dear Traders!

Please note that due to the ANZAC Day on 25 April, 2022, trading hours for some financial instruments will be changed as follows:

Monday, April 25


  • Australia 200 (#AUS200): trading starts at 10:10 (GMT+3).

All other financial instruments will be traded without changes.

Please consider

Easter 2022: Changes to Trading Hours

Dear Traders!

Please note that for Easter holidays, trading hours for some financial instruments will be changed as follows (all times are GMT+3):

Thursday, April 14


  • Australia 200 (#AUS200): till 17:00;
  • Europe 50 (#ESX50): till 23:00;
  • France 40 (#FCHI): till 23:00;
  • Germany 30 (#GDAXIm): till
Trading hours schedule for Ching Ming Festival

Dear Traders,

Please be aware of trading schedule changes for the Ching Ming Festival period on April 4 — 6 (all times are GMT+3):

#HSI (Hong Kong 50)

  • Monday, April 4: trading till 22:00;
  • Tuesday, April 5: trading closed;
  • Wednesday, April 6: trading starts at 04:15.

All other

FXOpen to Switch to Daylight Saving Time on March 13

Dear Traders,

On March 13th, 2022, FXOpen will shift the trading servers’ time forward by one hour from GMT+2 to GMT+3.

The change will affect all account types. For ECN, STP, and Micro accounts, it will come into effect as the market opens on Monday, March 14, 2022.

Close-Only Mode for All RUB Pairs

Dear Traders,

Due to the escalating Russia-Ukraine tensions, FXOpen has set trading on the Russian ruble pairs to Close-Only mode. The changes are already in effect.

We are taking these steps to mitigate risks stemming from heightened volatility, price spikes, and price flow disruptions that may arise under the aforementioned

Confirmed: FXOpen Is Your #1 ECN Broker

FXOpen now holds the title of the best ECN broker of 2021, according to the IAFT, after thousands of traders singled out its expertise in the sphere and cemented this status by giving it a 100% positive rating.

As 2021 was approaching its end, the International Association of Forex traders

Trading hours for US Presidents' Day

Dear Traders,

Please be aware of the trading schedule changes for US Presidents Day observed on 21 February 2022 (all times are GMT+2):

Spot commodities CFD:

  • Gold (XAUUSD) - trading ends at 21:30;
  • Silver (XAGUSD) - trading ends at 21:30;
  • US Crude (XTIUSD) – trading ends at 21: